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We have proudly served our IL community for close to 40 years! And we continue to serve the needs and provide solutions to our customers.

As the way people do business has changed, we are transforming to better meet your needs.

We continue to reduce our physical office footprint to eliminate waste in our processes and reinvest in other critical areas. We no longer have a showroom or walk-in hours.

Please contact our Customer Solutions Team at 800-288-8303 to schedule a visit.

Our new address is: 506 W. 5th Avenue Naperville, IL 60563

Our new website will be launching Oct 1st!

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NEW! ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth System
The Quattro 4.0® is a powerful telecommunications device designed to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of people with hearing loss in both wireless & landline environments. The Quattro 4.0® is an amplified Bluetooth accessibility device, perfect for hearing aid and cochlear users as well as those without hearing aids. The amplifier, removable Bluetooth microphone and optional earbuds offer maximum flexibility for hearing loss and difficult listening environments. Utilizing proprietary technology for amplification and frequency management, robust DSP chipsets, Bluetooth v4 and the only 8 wire loop available, the Quattro 4.0 offers adaptive solutions for wireless telephony as well as landline telephony. Paired with our QLink2® Bluetooth Transceiver, the Quattro 4.0® is the most cost-effective & powerful solution available for people with hearing loss. Its flexibility and functionality ensure connectivity in all environments. This greatly reduces the challenges of compatibility in an ever-changing telephony eco-system.

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ClearSounds QH2 Bluetooth Hub

QH2 Bluetooth HUB is designed to make life just a little easier by turning almost any landline phone or corded office telephone into a hands-free Bluetooth device. Do you have Bluetooth hearing aids? Looking to connect with your home or office telephone? The QH2 has multiple connection options to connect any phone to your Bluetooth hearing aids.

Download this handy FAQ for more information and setup videos


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ClearSounds® Quattro™ Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop with A2DP
Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of Bluetooth technology with the added benefit of powerful amplification and clarity of sound.

MSRP: $199.95

Adding an extensive range of adapters and accessories for use with the Quattro Neckloop amplifies the value of the core product and exponentially extends the usability and productivity of the ClearSounds Quattro line of products.

Visit the QUATTRO360 Website - CLICK HERE

Check out the QUATTRO VIDEO

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ClearSounds® ANS3000 ClearAnswer Digital Amplified Answering Machine with Slow Speech

New product to make life easier!

The ClearAnswer Digital Answering Machine is a standalone device that offers 30 minutes of digital recording time, call screening, and outstanding sound quality. The ANS3000 digital answering machine is sleek and simple, with features that are remarkably easy to learn.

Choosing a digital answering machine means you'll have no more messy tapes to rewind or replace, and you'll enjoy the improved sound quality that many digital devices provide.

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HITEC provides assistive listening devices for individuals experiencing hearing loss. Our product line includes amplified telephones, emergency contact telephones, portable phone amplifiers, personal listening systems, wireless TV headsets, alarm clocks, and wireless accessories such as neck loops for cell phone users.

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Hearing Loss Association of America
National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders
National Library of Medicine Encylopedia
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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