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ADA Equipment: ADA 2012 SPECIAL
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ADA Basic Kit

ADA Basic Kit No TTY
These portable ďall-in-one" ADA Compliance cases are the most economical solution for satisfying ADA requirements for hosting Deaf or hard of hearing guests. These lightweight and compact Guest Room case are simple to store and easy to set up, allowing you full compliance for any guest room. All case components can be easily installed or removed by hotel personnel in less than 10 minutes!

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CR200 ClearRing Amplified Telephone Ring Signaler

Avoid missing phone calls is quite easy nowadays. It is more a matter of taking initiative and taking advantage of the opportunities which the new technology offers.

New Product from ClearSounds - Check it out !

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Gentex 713-9LS Gentex 7139LS Portable Wall Mount T3 Smoke Alarm W/Battery Backup

713-9LS Gentex 7139LS GT-713-9LSPortable Wall Mount T3 Smoke Alarm W/Battery Backup

Smoke alarms save lives each and every day. The Gentex 713-9LS is a single station 120V AC photoelectric smoke detector designed to give reliable early warning of the presence of smoke where both audible and visual alarms are needed.

AC powered portable model with 9' line cord.

ADA approved

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Gentex 710-9CS Hard-wired Strobe Smoke Detector with Battery Backup

710-9CS Hard-wired Strobe Smoke Detector w/battery backup
Same as the 710CS but has a 9 volt battery back-up. In the case of power failure, the audible alarm will still work, but not the strobe.

ADA approved

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ClearSounds White WIL95 Portable Phone Amplifier

WIL95 Portable Phone Amplifier (white)
New Product From ClearSounds

A useful product to substantially boost the listening volume of your existing telephone and reduce the need for callers to repeat themselves. Ideal for those who find their telephone not as loud as it used to be!

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ADA Compliant Guest Room Case Set 4
These portable ďall-in-one" ADA Compliance cases are the most economical solution for satisfying ADA requirements for hosting Deaf or hard of hearing guests.

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