RS065 SmartSound Earbuds

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RS065 SmartSound Earbuds

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  • RS065 SmartSound Earbuds
  • RS065 SmartSound Earbuds
  • RS065 SmartSound Earbuds

RS065 SmartSound Earbuds

  • Audio earbuds connect to any audio device with a 3.5 mm jack
  • Stereo Sound
  • Speakers are placed in a reverse direction to reduce pressure on the eardrums
  • Reversed sound waves create an amazing, but safe, natural surround sound effect
  • Ambient sound comes through your ears to ensure safety
  • Preventing Hearing Damage While Listening With Headphones

    Listening to music is an American pastime, and we keep the band playing on with the RS065 SmartSound Earbuds. Packed with Reverse Sound Technology, the SmartSound Earbuds are the perfect safe audio solution for you and your entire family.

    Safe Headphones For Ears 

    The SmartSound Earbuds protect your ears without diminishing clarity and sound. Unlike other audio sets, we’ve reversed the direction of the speakers in a way that gives you the same sound while decreasing the chances you’ll harm your eardrums. In addition, the flows of the sound waves create an awesome surround sound effect that keeps you humming to your favorite tune all day long.

    Put Them In & They Stay Put

    SmartSound Earbuds are remarkably comfortable. We let you select from a trio of interchangeable ear pads for the acoustic quality that most appeals to you. Along with their comfort, you can keep up with your daily activities and find that they won’t fall out of your ears.

    What is Reverse Sound Technology?

    Through a patented design of the earphone body and its acoustic chambers, the reversed sound waves flow back into the ear canal to mix with and enrich the sound waves emitted directly from the rear end of the speaker. The physical delay of the reversed sound waves blend to create a spatial and surround sound effect. Because of the reversed position of the speaker unit, the SmartSound™ earbuds significantly reduce pressure on the eardrum & middle ear. Ambient sound is allowed to come through your ear, so that you can still hear the sounds in your environment.

    For Use With The Quattro Pro and Other Neckloops

    The SmartSound Earbuds are also the perfect partner with our Quattro Pro Adaptive Bluetooth System. We even put a version of the headsets specially designed for the Quattro Pro in each box we sell.

    • Ambient sound comes through your ears to ensure safety
    • Increased sound clarity

    • Prevents hearing discomfort

    • Comfortable to wear

    • Ear hooks prevent the earbuds from popping out

    • Three interchangeable ear cushions provide sound characteristics to match personal preferences: full range, bass booster and surround booster

    • Size: 2.25″ x 1.5″ x .5″

    • Cord Length: 24″

    • Color: Black

    • 1-year warranty