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ADA - 7139CS-W Hard Wired Wall Mount T3 Smoke Alarm & Backup Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Visual Signaling Appliance

ADA - 7139CS-W Hard Wired Wall Mount T3 Smoke Alarm & Backup Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Visual Signaling Appliance

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Tandem connection up to 6 detectors per system

Every guestroom or sleeping room within a hotel/motel or lodging house shall be provided with approved smoke detectors. Detectors shall be centrally located on the ceiling of the main room or sleeping room or if wall mounted, detectors shall be located between six inches and twelve inches of the ceiling (Ord.2316 *4, 1979)

Protecting Your Hard of Hearing and DEAF Hotel Guests from Smoke and Fire threats will need a solution that emits a loud sound, blinking light, vibration or any combination of these techniques that a fire is taking place.

The Gentex 713-9CS 120V AC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Visual Signaling Appliance and 9VD Battery Back-up is designed for residential and commercial residential buildings, which include hotels, hospitals, apartments and homes. This smoke alarm has the ability to interconnect with other units, form C relay contacts for remote communication and an LED condition indicator.

The 713 series has been designed to give reliable early warning of the presence of smoke where both audible and visual alarms are needed. Upon activation, the smoke alarm will emit a 90 dBA local audible signal and activate the high intensity strobe. During the alarm period the strobe will flash at a brightness of 177 candela 60 times per minute.

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  • 177 candela rating (ANS/UL 1971 listed - very bright strobe light)
  • Solid state 90dB horn (very loud)
  • Horn frequency 3100Hz (nominal)
  • Full function test switch (easy for you to test that it is working)
  • Quick-disconnect wiring harness
  • Form C relay contacts for remote annunciation
  • 9VDC Battery Back-up
  • Flashes 60 times per minute
  • Meets state, federal, and ADA requirement
  • Temporal 3 (T3) Evacuation sounding device
  • Mounting hardware adapts to standard junction boxes (not wireless)
  • Size: 5.5” X 5.5” X 4.75”
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs.
  • Form C Contacts
  • UL Listed (USA)
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty

Product Compliance

  • NFPA72
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Quality Management System is certified to: ISO9001-2008
  • NEMA Member
  • Assembled in the USA


 CAUTION: *Battery back-up will not provide power or transmit an alarm to AC only units in the event of an AC power failure. All battery back-up units in tandem, with good batteries, will operate normally during an AC power failure. NOTICE: VISUAL SIGNAL WILL NOT OPERATE DURING AC POWER FAILURE.

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