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Doctor Choice TLinks Binaural earpieces

Doctor Choice TLinks Binaural earpieces

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TLinks earpieces are perfect for non-hearing aid users who want the benefit from wireless telephone amplification when used in tandem with their Bluetooth or other Neckloops. It can dramatically enhance the listening experience over the telephone by communicating the sound directly into each TLinks earpiece.

TLinks are binaural earpieces with advanced t-coil technology.  (These earpieces provide the listener more benefits in noisy situations, have better sound quality, produce less feedback and safety for the user then wired earpieces.) These earpieces provide excellent sound quality, produce minimal feedback, and are safer for the user than wired earpieces.  

What is t-coil technology? T-coils, also known as tele-coils, are small copper wires coiled discreetly inside TLinks earpieces. They can receive electromagnetic signals through a neckloop to hear better on the phone.


It’s simple to use with your Bluetooth Cell Phone and Neckloop!! 

The 2 TLinks earpieces go into your ears and are virtually invisible. Designed to work seamlessly with a Bluetooth compatible amplified Neckloop like the ClearSounds QuattroPro (purchased separately or included in the QuattroPro Plus package). The Bluetooth Neckloop hangs around the neck and connects wirelessly to any cell/landline phone with Bluetooth technology.  The Neckloop provides the magnetic field to activate the T-coils in the TLinks earpieces, making you totally wireless. This combination provides much more effective use of the cell phone.



Being able to hear binaurally while connected to the cellphone improves speech comprehension by up to 80% for people with a hearing loss.  Volume controls on the earpiece and on the QuattroPro provide up to 40+dB of amplification. 



Wired earpieces pose significant dangers of being caught on passing articles and being ripped out of the wearer’s ears or distracting the user from their surroundings.  Utilizing the proven design of a behind the ear fit, the TLinks earpieces eliminate wires and stay in place even during vigorous activities.


  • Discreet design
  • High performance T-coils
  • Make yourself totally wireless
  • No hard-to-use buttons or dials
  • No buzzing or whistling
  • TLinks earpieces run on 13 hearing aid batteries
  • Hours of use 7-10 days
  • Weight 0.4 lbs.
  • Sold as pair (Right and Left)


TLinks earpieces are sold as a pair ready to use with your Neckloop. They are also available packaged together with a Bluetooth Neckloop in the ClearSounds QuattroPro Plus system.


 NOTE: TLinks earpieces should not be considered replacements for hearing aids, nor should they be considered an over the counter (OTC) hearing aid. The TLinks earpieces do not amplify environmental sounds.  However, they utilize an open fit dome in the ear that allows the user to continue to hear environmental sounds while either on a call or not. 

*Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG.

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