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Sontro Self Fitting AI Hearing Aid by Soundwave

Sontro Self Fitting AI Hearing Aid by Soundwave

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Using the free otoTune app, in 3 minutes you can test your hearing and customize your hearing aids using your mobile device.  Our AI Model is an artificially intelligent, self-fitting hearing aids.

We offer a risk-free 45-day money-back gaurantee and a full one-year warranty.

Follows the Conversation

The Sontro Hearing Aids use directional microphones and advanced signal processing to manage noise coming from different directions. This feature, called Adaptive Directionality, allows you to follow conversations easily with your hearing aids.

The Sounds You Need Most

The Sontro Hearing Aids process sound using a sophisticated technology called Wide Dynamic Range Compression to help expand your hearing range across 16 channels. It makes soft sounds louder and loud sounds more comfortable, giving you easy listening and great sound quality.

Adapts To Your Sound Environment

The Sontro™ Hearing Aids intelligently monitor your environment and automatically select the most appropriate sound mode, to help you hear your best in every listening situation, allowing you to move more seamlessly from quiet to noisy listening situations.

For Everyday + Active Use

Our behind-the-ear hearing aid uses receiver-in-the canal technology (RIC) for best sound quality. Built for your active lifestyle, they are durable and sweat resistant. And best of all they are small, comfortable and designed to easily hide behind your ear.


2 Sontro Hearing Aids, AI Model
1 Quick Start Guide
1 Receiver Measurement Tool
4 Size 312 Batteries
8 Ear Domes
1 Carrying Case
1 Cleaning Tool
2 Sport Locks


Android™ OS 6.0+ or iPhone® iOS 11.0+ 

Android™ and Google Play are trademarks owned by Google LLC. iPhone® and App Store® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Wireless Connection
  • The otoTune™ app

The Sontro Hearing aids use a size 312 battery. Replacement batteries are readily available on our affiliate store at Most batteries last between 4-6 days depending on usage per day.




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