ClearSounds Provides Expert Accessibility Advice on California Committee


When the State of California needs advice about adaptive technologies, particularly for the disabled population, they seek out Michele Ahlman, the CEO of ClearSounds. She spent time recently in Oakland to consult with the state’s Equipment Program Advisory Committee.

“The State of California is in a quagmire, as many states are,” Ahlman said. “They’re charged with providing simple access to basic telecommunications to all their citizens, regardless of disability. We have seen a rapid shift in recent years as we transition from the old jack in the wall technology to wireless mobile technology. The state wanted to get a handle on providing seamless accessibility in a mobile world.”

California has an Equipment Procurement Committee, made up of volunteer members representing various populations, including those with hearing impairments and low vision, and senior citizens. Ahlman was invited to present information to this group about what’s available to help them in their mission.

ClearSounds is a long-time vendor for the state, and the manufacturer and distributor of many state-of-the-art products that can help the state achieve its goals. Some of the solutions Ahlman presented included:

Q Link Connect

Plug this fabulous little device into the headset jack of any phone (corded or cordless) to turn it into a Bluetooth-enabled telephone, then pair it to the Quattro 4.0 or Quattro 4.0 LITE for a clear, amplified sound experience that’s second to none. This product will be available starting in June. (Stay tuned.)

QH2 Hub

A Bluetooth amplifier, that can amplify an office or home corded phone up to 30dB. Also acts as a portable amplifier. This amplifier sends clear sound to a wireless Bluetooth headset, neckloop or streamer.
More info…

A1600BT Cordless amplified phone

An amplified cordless phone with Bluetooth. It can be paired to a cell phone, allowing calls to a cell phone to be routed to a unit with big buttons and amplification, making it an excellent solution for people with hearing loss or low vision. More info…

With the vision, passion and commitment you would expect from a “serial” entrepreneurial family; this privately held, family run, certified women-owned company creatively, stylishly, and economically meets the needs of people with hearing loss and has been for over 30 years. Starting first in distribution, and then branching into manufacturing, ClearSounds is leading the way, designing, developing and manufacturing award-winning products that change people’s lives.

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