Collection: ADA Compliance

According to the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association), over 28 million Americans are considered Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, hotels and motels are required to provide effective communication methods to ensure their Deaf and Hard of Hearing guests are being properly accommodated. A hotel/cruise lines could offer devices to Deaf and Hard of Hearing guests to ensure they feel comfortable and safe in their rooms.

This Portable “all-in-one” ADA Compliance cased are the most economical solutions for satisfying ADA requirements for hosting Deaf and Hard of Hearing guest. These lightweight and compact Guest Room cases are simple to store and easy to set up, allowing your full compliance for any quest rooms. All case components can be easily installed or removed by hotel personnel in less than 15 minutes!

Call our ADA Solutions Specialist (toll free) at 877-784-1696 for pricing on multiple Guest Room Set 3CL cases, additional or replacement product selections, customized cases and current ADA regulations.