I Refuse to Hear You: 3 Reasons Why


First, she noticed that she couldn’t hear whistles and other high pitch sounds very well, but that’s normal, right? Then cell phone conversations became a source of tension with family members, because they wouldn’t speak clearly, and she had to keep asking them to repeat what they had just said. Then the TV became a problem. For some reason, it was never loud enough.

Does this sound familiar? There is a large majority of folks that are experiencing hearing loss, more than you might think.  Most are reluctant to take the steps to address it.  Whether they’re young or old (and these days hearing loss is increasingly affecting the younger population) addressing changes involving hearing can be emotionally difficult. But it shouldn’t be. When you see the faces of people who take that step to start hearing clearly again, you might wonder why anyone hesitates to get help for hearing loss. Here are some reasons why:

1 – Recognizing There is an Issue

When hearing begins to decline, it often happens gradually, and those impacted by this decline may not notice. And not uncommonly, they may not want to notice. Identifying a problem makes a person have to consciously choose whether or not to act on the issue. That can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Furthermore, people may not even realize how much they’re missing, because it often happens so gradually.

2 – The Stigma

A hearing aid is a visible sign of hearing loss, and it may feel like wearing a neon sign pointing out a personal weakness or the aging process. The good news is that today’s hearing aids are hardly visible and due to the Apple headphone craze, everyone has some electronic device or another connected to his/her ears. Making the change to improve hearing using assistive devices and wearables is a big step, but it opens up communication avenues and family connections that may otherwise have been closed for too long.

3 – Loss of Self

The simple fact is we are all aging, but that doesn’t mean that we have to act like it.  We may feel young at heart, only to  look in the mirror and be surprised that we don’t still have the fresh face we envision ourselves to have.  We worry that enabling and assistive devices scream “I’m old” to the world and therefore we will be discriminated against.

Here’s the thing, people that have some type of significant hearing loss are already being treated differently. People may avoid engaging in conversations with this person, or may have labeled them as “different” already. We assure you that with improved hearing, your life will change dramatically. And for the better.

Hearing loss isn’t harmless. And seeking help for hearing loss isn’t shameful. It’s smart.

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