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Sonic Boom SB1000 Alarm Clock

Sonic Boom SB1000 Alarm Clock

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Sonic Alert SB1000 clock makes it easy to find the right alarm mode to wake up, with a loud audible alarm, plus plug in for an optional bed shaker SS12VW (purchase separately) and an on/off switch for controlling a lamp plugged into the clock. The lamp can be used for both reading and flashing.

Includes battery back-up (battery not included) and snooze button.

  • Wake up with the loud audible alarm, bed shaker (sold separately) or plug in a lamp.
  • Add a separate bed shaker SA-SS12VW to wake up silently, or see the SA-SBSS12V for this clock with bed shaker included.
  • Bright, green 0.9" tall digital LED display with adjustable angle for easy reading!
  • Adjustable loud buzzer up to 98 decibels
  • Adjustable volume and tone controls lets you pick the perfect volume and tone to best alert you
  • One switch lets you choose any or all of the lamp, bed shaker, or buzzer signals
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" W x 5-1/4" D x 3-1/2" H
  • Battery backup (9V battery not included)
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